Created Challenge at Viewbug:

#1 Dominant Yellow Challenge

I’ve been searching and searching of a good application for photography and lucky enough I saw an article online about Viewbug. For those people who doesn’t know or not aware of it here’s a little information.

Viewbug is a picture-sharing community that’s open for all type of photographers whether a novice or an expert. It has a wide range of contests and challenges that can bring out the best in a photographer or just a photography enthusiast like me.

My account at Viewbug

I’m still learning my way around the application and I’m loving it so much. I’ve see other members who created their own contests and challenges that it ignites the fire in me to create my own challenge as well … so here we are ..

The challenge I created – Dominant Yellow Challenge

I’m happy to share with you guys the challenge that I created it’s called Dominant Yellow Challenge. For those who doesn’t know, one of my favorite color is yellow and thus how the name of the challenge is – all about the color yellow being dominant in a photo.

I would like to invite all of you to please share and support my very first challenge. Please click the link below for further details about the challenge. Can’t wait to see your photos!